After hours from our "day" job, you can find us looking forward to our next Off the Cuff adventure!


Our love for shopping, digging, repurposing, designing, creating and ultimately finding new homes for our one of a kind creations, is soooooooooooooo incredibly fun!



What might look like scrap or junk to someone else, is ultimately the perfect fit for what we have in mind. It might find its way to a necklace, bracelet, jar lid, mirror, belt buckle..... the list is endless.



We have incorporated DIY events into the mix, allowing our customers to bring family heirlooms with them, as we help them create a truly meaningful piece to take home with them.



We have been friends for 16 years, and business partners soon to be 9 years.  This is truly a passion for each of us and we can't wait to locate our next big "find".



Take a look around, love to hear your feedback, suggestions and questions.  Hoping to see our repeat customers and looking forward to meeting you sometime in 2017 at one of our events.



You can reach us via email at OTCBracelet@gmail .com


You can catch us on Facebook, ETSY or Pintrest

Jill and Mara






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