As you can see in these images, we are taking several random pieces, supplied by our customers, and laying out our designs.  We make all necessary repairs to each piece, clean them and sand the back flat for easy adherence.   We use an epoxy rubber based glue to attach them to our chains.      You can forward your pieces to us and we will custom design your new favorite bracelet!


From classic clip or screw back ear rings, cuff links, buttons, years of service pins, broken necklaces or even coins.     $25 for each bracelet and remember we do have 'filler' pieces we will use in the event you do not have enough to complete your bracelet.  We can size them to fit, just let us know what length.  Each bracelet takes from 6 - 10 pieces, depending on the length and size of each piece.


Call Mara at 618.558.6844 or  Jill at 618.444.0571 -  These can be shipped directly to us and we will return all unused pieces along with your new bracelet within 10 days.   S&H of $5 per box.